Our civic access work ensures that people can participate in our democracy.


We work with our tables and partner organizations to fight for voting rights and ballot access, voter protection, and efficient election administration. We are particularly focused on ensuring Black people, Indigenous people, and other people of color, currently and formerly incarcerated people, youth, and low-income people have access to civic engagement.

In recent years, many states have enacted laws making it more difficult to vote. These laws disproportionately affect communities of color and lower overall voter turnout. This is unacceptable and takes us backwards as a country; we must reimagine and modernize our electoral systems so it is easier, not harder, for all Americans to vote.


To meet this goal, we are working to remove barriers to the ballot. When restrictive policies are in place, our tables organize against them while helping voters understand their rights and responsibilities. We also fight for policies in more states that make civic participation easier. Several of our tables are working to promote automatic voter registration in their states, to help develop online voter registration systems that are accessible for all and easy to use, and to encourage other innovations to make access to the ballot simpler.

In 2016, during the most recent federal election, several of our tables ran successful voter protection programs:

It is our long-term goal to see a democratic system with no barriers to ballot access. Until then, we work to help people overcome these barriers where they arise and push for the reforms necessary to remove them.


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