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Voices for Power: Our Theory of Change

July 8, 2020


In 2018, the State Voices network of 23 state coalitions and hundreds of partners radically reimagined our vision, our people, our power, and our theory of change. Watch this video to learn more about State Voices’ new Theory of Change. We’re ready to build power in 2020 and beyond.

The video transcript is below:

“We are a network of 23 state table coalitions working with hundreds of grassroots organizations to build local power, push for equitable elections, and advocate for self-determination. We re-imagined our theory of change to seek to build a transformative democracy through deep partnership between national and state tables that models the multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural transformation we seek.

Our affiliated structure positively transforms the everyday lives of people, centers those who experience oppression, and is anchored in our commitment to building healthy collaborations.

We seek to partner with supporters to distribute resources, and tools and add capacity to affiliates to ensure the work is sustainable, scalable and impactful. Now, the State Voices network is ready to build power in 2020 and beyond. Our collective voice is strong and steady. We’re crafting a new anthem. And we will be heard. We’re using our voices for power.”