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The South is the Barometer for Change

May 3, 2023


The South is critical in the movement for multiracial democracy. The South is our barometer for change. That’s why earlier this month, State Voices held our network’s first regional convening, our Southern Convening, in Montgomery, AL. Recent attacks against marginalized voices show the need for increased investment in the movement for multiracial democracy in the South, and in the incredible BIPOC organizers and advocates leading the fight.

State Tables including Alabama Forward, State Voices Florida, ProGeorgia, Kentucky Civic Engagement Table, Power Coalition for Equity and Justice, Blueprint NC, Civic TN, Virginia Civic Engagement Table, and several of their partners came together to build relationships and strategize for the movement for multiracial democracy and liberation.

State Voices intentionally started our regional convenings in the South because we know the attacks on democracy that happen in the South ripple across the nation. As we invest in deeper relationships to support each other, we hope there will be a renewed excitement to invest in the South, including through our People Power Fund.

If we want a society that counts every vote, hears every voice, and meets every need, we must invest in the South. We must keep building on the incredible work that advocates throughout history have started. You can do that today by joining our People Power Fund.

As Sophia Bracy Harris, an incredible movement elder, shared with us during the convening: “Let’s not forget on whose shoulders we stand. Change is happening, and we are ready.”