Three participants from the 2023 Data Convening in Miami, Florida stand smiling behind a table with a dark blue covering with white text that reads, "Engage Miami, It's our future, and it's our vote". There are a few pamphlets other event materials spread across the table to greet guests.
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Organizers and advocates with Nebraska Civic Engagement Table helping register college students to vote.
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Alabama Forward is a state-based 501(C)(3) civic engagement coordinating table committed to advancing movement towards greater freedom and progressive, solution-oriented policy among a diverse coalition of Alabama-based partner organizations so that every Alabamian can engage in the democratic process. In pursuit of this mission, Alabama Forward will prioritize race and gender equity to engage every Alabamian in all aspects of our democracy.

Racial Equity – Centering racial equity within our work enables us to make decisions and select priorities that are truly representative of the needs of our communities in Alabama.

Leadership – Creating a pipeline of leadership through our partnerships that support and enhance our work to move the needle towards structural change.

Building Power – Mobilizing to build power that propels Alabama forward through the collective impact of grassroots organizers and civil rights organizations to advance statewide advocacy work that is unabashedly committed to freedom and progressive goals.