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The 2023-2024 Tools & Tech Guide

State Voices’ 2023-2024 Tools and Tech Guide is a comprehensive overview and recommendation list of the latest tools and resources including but not limited to legislative advocacy, phone dialers, CRMs, and digital and relational organizing.

This resource is the result of months of research, testing, and planning by our Data Department and we’re thrilled to share it with you.

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2023-2024 State Voices Tools and Tech Guide

In This Report

The 2023-2024 Tools & Tech Guide features information on misinformation and disinformation best practices; tools and strategies for decolonizing data and increasing accessibility; tools to harness the power of AI ethically and effectively; recommendations for hardware, software, office equipment, training; continuous learning resources for data practitioners; and so much more! 

We encourage advocates, organizers, and freedom fighters to use this 2023-2024 edition as a starting place for their own research and a guide to help you navigate a complex digital space.

When determining what tools would be most beneficial to your work, State Voices has established criteria based on accessibility, security, and adaptability.

We encourage you to consider these factors when reviewing the 2023-2024 Tools & Tech Guide and as you continue your crucial work of fighting for multiracial democracy.

Download the 2023-2024 Tools & Tech Guide to learn about the latest digital tools and vendors.

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The best work is intentional, intersectional, and done with a team.

Thanks to State Voices’ Data & Technology Department for writing this guide and to Alexis Anderson-Reed and the Policy and Communications Departments for their insight and guidance. We’re thrilled to provide this guide to the State Voices network and our movement community.

The first, second, and third editions of the Tools and Tech Guide are archived here.

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