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The 2020 Post-Election Report

The 2020 Post-Election Report reflects the State Voices Affiliated Network’s achievements, strategies, and learnings from 2020, and orients us for the future.

Our work to make sure we have a strong democracy is not just about an election. This work is day in and day out. Learn how we’re making sure folks are being invested in year-round.

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In This Report

The first half of the report focuses on State Voices’ overall work as a national network.

It shares our Strategic Direction and shifts in the COVID-19 Pandemic, then dives deep into our efforts to Fight for Democracy, Expand Access to Data and Technology, and Move Money to the Ground.


The second half of the report highlights the essential work of our 23 State Tables, and our work in three Emerging States.

Altogether, these tables are composed of thousands in-state partners, who are local and statewide 501c3 organizations. You can read about the detailed activities, learnings, goals, and collective impact of each of our states there.

Download our 2020 Post-Election Report, a comprehensive review of strategy and accomplishments in 2020.

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For us at the State Voices Affiliated Network, this report is part of an ongoing conversation with our network, movement partners, and beyond.

Thank you to our 25 State Tables, Emerging States, and over 1,200 partners across the country. This work wouldn’t be possible without you. You can see partners with State Tables like Minnesota Voice, Nebraska Civic Engagement Table, Montana Voices, Silver State Voices, Pennsylvania Voice, Ohio Voice, Win/Win, ProGeorgia, Michigan Voices, and the Power Coalition for Equity and Justice in the slideshow above!

State Voices 2018 Post Election Report is archived and available to view here.

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