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A black and white photo shows disability justice pioneer, Judy Heumann, protesting on Madison Avenue, in Manhattan, New York in 1970 alongside other proud members of Disabled In Action. Above their heads is a huge white banner that reads, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” in black text.
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Survey Findings in Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina

In 2022, State Voices, Lake Research Partners, Mothering Justice, Michigan Voices, Silver State Voices, Blueprint NC, and Fenton Communications partnered together to run surveys in Michigan, Nevada, and North Carolina.

On November 15, we presented the results of this research. You can find the materials from that presentation here.

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Members of Silver State Voices

In This Report

State Voices encourages Affiliates and partners to apply the guidance found in this research towards year round 501(c)3 civic engagement activity. This experiment collected data from registered voters on issues, what they think are problems and messages they may be most responsive to on issues, including reproductive freedom and transgender students.

This research is intended to be useful for relevant legislative action and civic education work. The guidance and information shared should not be applied toward voter registration or nonpartisan voter engagement activity without consulting counsel. Research data will be made to partners upon request and approval after December 10, 2022.

Download Survey Findings in Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina Results

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