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Building Capacity for a Multiracial Democracy

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Building capacity for a multiracial democracy

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The State Voices Affiliated Network works year-round to develop collective strategies to get to this liberated future. We’re building something bigger than each of us could accomplish alone. 

Learn how State Voices builds capacity at our new report: Building Capacity for a Multiracial Democracy.

The State Voices Affiliated Network believes in year-round organizing, before and beyond election cycles. We believe in building political power for Black, Indigenous people of color, women, queer folks and those being marginalized, and utilizing short term and long term strategies to get there.

We know that for us to win we can’t simply do things the way they have been done before. We must create new spaces and new structures, and utilize new tools to fuel our organizing. We must invest in new leaders and innovative strategies.

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The best work is intentional, intersectional, and done with a team.

Thanks to State Voices’ State Capacity Building Department and Seiche, the social impact and communications firm, for writing this guide and to all State Voices’ departments for your guidance. We’re thrilled to provide this report to the State Voices network and our movement community.