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Silver State Voices (SSV) was founded in 2012 as a civic engagement coordination hub amongst progressive 501c3 organizations in Nevada. It is our mission to create a more robust democracy by centering our work with historically underrepresented and marginalized communities because we know that when we uplift the silenced and marginalized, we uplift the entire community. SSV develops infrastructure, fosters collaboration among diverse entities, and employs new tools and technology. SSV believes that democracy works best and its outcomes are most just when the voices of all Nevadans are heard.

Civic Access: Continue to steer Let Nevadans Vote, a coalition of local and national groups dedicated to protecting and expanding civic access; work with election officials and policymakers to advance proactive election policy, block disenfranchisement efforts, and equalize representation

Civic Engagement: Develop, implement, and support a data-driven collaborative plan for deep, robust, and ongoing Voter Registration, Education, and Turnout

Incorporate Best Practices: Expand and maintain Silver State Voices’ capacity to strengthen the nonpartisan civic engagement sector in Nevada