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The 2022 Report

The 2022 Report: “Count Every Vote, Hear Every Voice, Meet Every Need,” reflects the State Voices Affiliated Network’s achievements, strategies, and learnings from 2022 and orients us for the future.

Change starts from the ground up. By investing in people power and engaging locally in our communities, we can make our own voices heard.

Check out the full interactive report here, including snapshots from our State Tables and Emerging States on their work to advance a healthy, multiracial democracy, or download the pdf below.

Check out the abbreviated interactive report here for an overview of our work in 2022.

Download Report
2022 Report Count Every Vote Hear Every Voice Meet Every Need

In This Report

This interactive report closely examines our network programs, goals, and accomplishments in 2022.

This report shares our network’s impact and efforts in mobilizing voters, protecting the right to vote, fighting for issues that impact our communities, and building and investing in digital infrastructure and BIPOC leadership in the field.

Download the report below. You can view an interactive version of the full report here, and of the abbreviated report here.

Download the PDF of the 2022 Report to learn more about our network

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For us at the State Voices Affiliated Network, this report is part of an ongoing conversation with our network, movement partners, and beyond.

Thank you to our 25 State Tables, 8 Emerging States, and over 1,200 partners across the country. This work wouldn’t be possible without you.

State Voices 2020 Report is archived and available to view here.

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