The organizations that participate in our Tools For All program gain access to online information management systems that promote collaboration and activism, allowing them to easily organize and share information with one another. They also gain access to enhanced data about the entire voting-age population, making canvassing and community outreach easier. We run trainings on the use of these tools, which both promotes effective activism and develops staff capacity at participating organizations.

Until fairly recently, these tools were only available to political campaigns and parties, but through TFA, State Voices makes them accessible to the broader 501(c)(3) civic engagement community. We do so at a significant savings; our shared contracts save our partners and funders millions of dollars each year.

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We also maintain an active research and experimentation agenda to ensure our partner organizations are maximizing the impact of their work. We work with our community partners to build and distribute knowledge for how best to mobilize historically marginalized voters. During the 2016 election, our network implemented an active research agenda:

Our Tools For All program strengthens grassroots organizations. By sharing data, technology, and research resources with partners that might otherwise find them to be too cost-prohibitive, we help them increase their capacity for advanced organizing work. This program therefore helps create a community of organizations that are more efficient, capable, and cooperative.

We have recently launched a Tools For All table, bringing together the organizations that participate in this important program and allowing them to set its priorities and agenda.

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