A group photo of the State Voices network at our national convening (photo courtesy of Mabel Photography)

The State Voices network is a multiracial, multiethnic and multicultural community of advocates, activists and organizers committed to building people power to transform the lives of our communities — especially those who experience oppression.

We believe that a healthy democracy is one in which everyone is engaged, represented, listened to and supported regardless of race, gender, immigration status, sexuality, ability, religion, or class.

Our network of nonpartisan state coalitions, called “tables,” works with hundreds of grassroots organizations to break down barriers to civic participation and to bring underrepresented and marginalized populations―and their issues―to the center of public discourse. State Voices tables connect these groups to one another and to organizations from different sectors, creating multicultural, multi-issue coalitions that can leverage their collective power to transform our democracy. You can read more about this work here.

Additionally, through our Tools for All program, we provide participating organizations with access to data and technology to help them engage more effectively with their communities and with one another.

Many of our partners are grassroots organizations that represent marginalized communities. Our mission commits us in particular to building the strength of leaders and organizations from these communities and giving them an equal voice within our coalitions. In this way, we seek to model the equity we wish to see in our democracy.

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