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We are working closely with our partners on the ground in Wisconsin to build a new c3 Table in the state. Learn more about this effort from the Wisconsin Table’s new Executive Director, Maya Neal.

“I am excited to effectively use our time, energy, relationships, and money to encourage strategic organizing across Wisconsin. I am inspired to join the network by the vision of a democracy and society that honors the dignity of BIPOC, women/femmes, and young people.

It is imperative that we organize as young people to harness the energy, innovation, and commitment that Black and Brown young people hold. We should also organize around elections to get quality candidates who are committed to progress and to accountability.

Our state’s biennial budget process will occur in 2023 and I am looking forward to that. It’s an opportunity for our legislators and the people to offer new ideas, solve problems, and invest in progress for our state.”

Maya Neal comes to us with an extensive organizing history in Wisconsin, including at our incredible partner Leaders Igniting Transformation. The new Wisconsin Table will thrive with her leadership!