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Washington Community Alliance (WCA) empowers organizations led by and working in communities of color in Washington State to create a democracy where all of us count and an economy that invests equitably in our communities.

WCA was formed in 2020 by a group of organizations to lead Washington State’s census count and to build collective power in communities of color across the state. In an unprecedented relational organizing campaign, the alliance of 92 tribes and organizations recruited over 700 trusted messengers to talk to tens of thousands of their friends, neighbors, grandparents, and followers about the census.

Key issues WCA continues to organize around include the fight to close the representation gap for people of color by leading the Washington For Equitable Representation Coalition. They also work to hold their leaders accountable by pushing those currently in office to pass policies that enable working-class Black and Brown communities to share in the prosperity we build, such as fully including all immigrants in public programs, flipping our upside-down tax code, protecting Black lives, and investing in our communities

Moving into 2024, WCA is focused on bringing our membership and partners together in early 2024, advocating for a Local Options Bill to advance ranked-choice voting and proportional representation, and supporting the work to win a true Latino-oppputunity district in Yakima.