Featured Post: What We’ve Learned from the 2022 Elections
A photo of Alexis Anderson-Reed with the quote, "The organizing led by Black women in states like Michigan and Kentucky makes it clear that we as voters are the face of hope in our country—not lawmakers or the elite few." Learn more in Ms. Magazine.
Featured Post: In the News, “Midterm Voters Are Calling the Shots on Reproductive Freedom. Black Women Lead the Charge.”
Organizers and advocates with Nebraska Civic Engagement Table helping register college students to vote.
Featured Case Study: In Nebraska, Nebraska Civic Engagement Table is Pushing for Economic Justice and a Living Wage


Win/Win’s mission is to build a civically powerful network that advances racial, social, and economic equity and thriving communities across Washington State.

We fundamentally believe that groups can have a stronger and longer-lasting impact when we are aligned and working together to create political and social change. Using our expertise with data, shared metrics, and long-term coordination, Win/Win works closely with our partners on innovative approaches and best practices to inspire civic participation, increase engagement, and build a movement to ensure our democratic systems are fair, accessible and truly representative.