Three participants from the 2023 Data Convening in Miami, Florida stand smiling behind a table with a dark blue covering with white text that reads, "Engage Miami, It's our future, and it's our vote". There are a few pamphlets other event materials spread across the table to greet guests.
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Organizers and advocates with Nebraska Civic Engagement Table helping register college students to vote.
Featured Case Study: In Nebraska, Nebraska Civic Engagement Table is Pushing for Economic Justice and a Living Wage


At Pennsylvania Voice, it’s our goal to create habitual, informed voters who vote twice a year, every year and whose interests are represented in every election. When elected officials feel accountable to their constituents, they make decisions that make life better for all people. We are a partnership of 50+ organizations working together to build an inclusive, just and reflective democracy in Pennsylvania. Building a reflective democracy means full participation across every election, so we build systems that support participation and actions that encourage it.