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A black and white photo shows disability justice pioneer, Judy Heumann, protesting on Madison Avenue, in Manhattan, New York in 1970 alongside other proud members of Disabled In Action. Above their heads is a huge white banner that reads, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” in black text.
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Organizers and advocates with Nebraska Civic Engagement Table helping register college students to vote.
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The Nebraska Civic Engagement Table works with nonprofits to increase voting and build an engaged Nebraska.

We help our nonprofit members maximize their full advocacy potential by providing the civic engagement tools and resources they need to engage with voters and members of their communities; by helping them create, grow, and sustain grassroots mobilization efforts; and by building stronger connections between nonprofits doing similar work in other communities throughout the state. Our programs include:

Building Organizational Capacity

The Nebraska Civic Engagement Table’s Member organizations have access to a team comprised of experts in Communications, Field Organizing, and Data, with extensive experience in areas such as campaign management, legislative advocacy, nonprofit fundraising and development, traditional and digital organizing, and media relations.

Building Voter Power

We help nonprofits create, sustain, and grow their nonpartisan voter registration and Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) programs by providing funding, training, and access to the Voter Activation Network (VAN).

Legislative Advocacy

NCET works with coalition partners to facilitate coordinated grassroots Legislative Advocacy campaigns in support of socially responsible public policy.

Organizer School

In 2018 we launched our inaugural Organizer School, a program through which we hire, train, and place community organizers with our member organizers, providing their salary and benefits for one year. The purpose of the program is for nonprofits to realize the benefit of having a full-time organizer on staff, and to gain measurable data to support their programs and secure future funding, and to create a pipeline of nonprofit leadership for talented and engaged advocates in underserved and underrepresented communities.

Training & Professional Development

NCET provides individualized training to our members based on their Communications, Field Organizing, and Data needs. We also provide larger capacity building training such as management, grassroots fundraising, and equity & inclusion via nationally renowned trainers at no cost to our members.

Grant Funding

Through our Mini Grant program, we provide funding to nonprofit member organizations to support their Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV), Grassroots Lobbying, or Community Connectedness initiatives.

Building Collaboration Between Nonprofits

Through our growing membership base and relationships with local, state, and national partners, our members gain access to an expansive network of 501c3 nonprofit organizations working in a variety of direct services, public policy, grassroots advocacy, and/or social justice sectors. NCET serves as a central hub of communication for our nonprofit members, providing key organizational updates and events, sharing best practices, and coordinating on messaging and targeting audiences.

Building a Nonprofit Leadership Pipeline

Our paid internship program is open to students, recent graduates or any person seeking experience in field organizing and/or communications work as it relates to civic engagement, advocacy, public policy and nonprofit leadership. Since our launch in 2016, many of our interns have either joined NCET as permanent staff, or have been hired by our member organizations.