Win/Win Network

Our Mission

Win/Win’s mission is to build a civically powerful network that advances racial, social, and economic equity and thriving communities across Washington State. We fundamentally believe that groups can have a stronger and longer lasting impact when we are aligned and working together to create political and social change. Using our expertise with data, shared metrics, and long-term coordination, Win/Win works closely with our partners on innovative approaches and best practices to inspire civic participation, increase engagement, and build a movement to ensure our democratic systems are fair, accessible and truly representative.

Our Work

  • Civic Access: Ensure success of Seattle’s 2015 historic Honest Elections Seattle initiative through robust implementation and public education
  • Civic Engagement: Focus on the issues that resonate with and impact people of color, young people, and women (such as paid sick and family leave) and create meaningful opportunities for these constituencies to get involved
  • Civic Representation: Develop a shared census and redistricting plan, including a census workgroup to outline goals for 2020
  • Leadership Development: Bring a transformative organizational development program, Cambio, into Win/Win to train new leaders and build new skill sets