Maine Voices Network

Our Mission

Maine Voices Network (MVN)’s job is to establish collective action around a common agenda that includes increasing Mainers’ access, engagement, and representation in government (especially among underrepresented communities) and implementing long-term strategies for socially responsible policies that increase opportunity for Maine people.

Our Work

  • Democracy work: maximize access, engagement, and representation of the New American Majority so the electorate more closely mirrors the population of our state
  • Issue Engagement and Ballot Measures: Support key issue campaigns, including Stand Up for Students (improve tax fairness, increase revenues for collective priorities, and mobilize New American Majority voters) and Mainers for Fair Wages (to increase the state’s minimum wage to $12/hour by 2020)
  • Incorporate Best Practices: Influence the narrative on the issues we care most about: wages and poverty, taxation at the top, increased funding for public education and public safety, and racial equality