The time for liberation is now.

At State Voices, we are committed to promoting equity, particularly racial equity and gender equity. We strive to practice this commitment in all our work—from our offices to the field, from our programs to our theory of change. Our democracy must represent the interests of all of us. There must be civic leaders of all backgrounds, from all walks of life, to truly have a political system that works for the greater good.

We believe that centering the leadership, experiences, voice, and votes of Black people, Indigenous people, and other people of color (BIPOC), women, low-income and young people is the path to power and a thriving democracy.

We are pro-TLGBQIA+, pro-BIPOC, pro-immigrant justice and pro-disability justice. We center the needs of currently and formerly incarcerated people, low income, underemployed, and working-class people across the country in cities, suburbs, and rural communities.

We believe that a healthy democracy is one in which everyone is engaged, represented, listened to, and supported regardless of race, gender, immigration status, sexuality, ability, religion, or class. We are committed to challenging ourselves—and the institutions around us—to ensure no one is left behind in our fight for a better world.