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Over the past decade, tools and technology have dramatically changed the way grassroots organizations engage and mobilize people – both online and on the ground.

Powerful new tools provide groups with smart data and allow them to run their civic engagement programs with unmatched precision. It’s now easier to find and target members of underrepresented communities to mobilize and engage them. Tasks that used to take organizers an entire day to complete can now be performed in a matter of minutes. Technology is transforming the way we organize by exponentially expanding organizations’ capacity.

But these tools haven’t just changed the organizing experiences of individual groups. They’ve ushered in a new era where collaboration between groups isn’t just intelligent, it’s intuitive. Using tools to share data means we reduce duplication and eliminate overlap when organizations work in the field. It means we create collaborative plans to maximize our impact. It means we’re conserving precious resources all while running civic engagement programs that are more sophisticated than they’ve ever been before.

At State Voices, we believe all organizations should have access to cutting-edge organizing technology, especially those working to engage and mobilize underrepresented communities. That’s why we provide access to these tools to organizations in all 50 states – plus the tech support to use them. Through our state tables and the Tools For All program, we create a distribution model that allows even the smallest grassroots group to use sophisticated tools at little to no cost.

Finally, it’s no secret that technology is constantly evolving and adapting. Through research and partnerships, we’re committed to ensuring the organizations in our network have their hands on the most innovative tools on the market.

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