We believe that coordinated efforts from grassroots organizations can have transformational impact on our democracy. This belief drives our table model, and at State Voices we are committed to building strong tables that help their partners do the most sophisticated and impactful work. Our capacity building programs support our tables with fundraising, strategizing, and measuring success.

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On average, since our founding in 2008, we have directed 50-60% of the money we raise to our state tables, in many cases in the form of direct grants. Our tables then in turn distribute these funds to their partner organizations. We help our table staff with fundraising as well, in part by providing seed money to incentivize local matching donations. In the previous federal election, we were able to raise over $4 million through our new Fortification Fund.

We also lead our tables in strategizing. We coordinate nationwide collaboration between our tables and national partners, and oversee coordination at the state level as our tables develop yearly plans with their partners. It is important for us to demonstrate the success of our tables as well, so we have developed a series of metrics that qualitatively and quantitatively measure our impact. We are consistently striving to make our work better and evaluating the efficacy of our innovations.