Ella Baker, an influential organizer during the Black freedom struggles in the early 20th century, famously said that we should “give light and people will find the way.”

Inspiring organizers and freedom fighters give light and support people who are fighting for liberation. Tameka Ramsey has consistently given light to organizers, activists, and advocates in Michigan. It’s an honor to announce that Tameka will be the first of two Co-Executive Directors of Michigan Voices.

Tameka has a vision for a world where Black people, Indigenous people, and other people of color are liberated, free of state violence, and safe. This vision offers light to us all.


Tameka is known for her work with grassroot nonprofits; minority owned microenterprises and small businesses; and, progressive political campaigns. She is a co-founder of Pontiac Policy Council, convener for Black Women’s Roundtable Eastern Michigan, and is a member of 482Forward. Tameka has worked tirelessly to build and train grassroots organizations in Pontiac, Saginaw and throughout Michigan.

Tameka earned her associate’s degree in mental health social work from Oakland Community College; her bachelor’s degree in social work from Wayne State University; and her master’s degree in public administration with a dual concentration of local government and nonprofit management from Oakland University. In addition to her formal education, Tameka has more than 12 years’ experience in community organizing, advocacy and leadership development. She has received training from Neighbor Works America, Center for Progressive Leadership, Midwest Academy, the Gamaliel Organization and more.

Tameka has served as Interim Executive Director for Michigan Voices, working to build capacity for our table partners.

Tameka is married to Michael Brown Ramsey. They have three children, Qua’Veionta (Roshae), Zakiya and Michael Jr and a new grandson Qua Jr.



Tameka Ramsey joined the Michigan table as an interim Executive Director as the table was going through extensive transformation. Since taking on the role of interim Executive Director in June 2019, Tameka has reoriented Michigan Voices’ standing as a leader in driving 501c3 engagement, increased the scope of the table’s impact, and invested in the leadership and organizational development of table partners.

The transformation of the Michigan table has been incredible. Since June 2019, the number of engaged table partners has grown from 12 to 55. Partners include grassroots and grass-seeds organizations fighting for a liberated Michigan. With Tameka’s guidance, the table has facilitated 7 trainings around data, management, HR, and program to provide support and development to table partners. Over 30 partners attended these trainings! She’s also provided grant reports for 5 separate funders, contributing to the financial stability of the table.

State Voices lifts up the amazing work of The Michigan Voices’ Transition Committee who has spent the last 6 months working tirelessly to search for the next leader and reimagine the structure of Michigan Voices. A special thank you to John Keserich (Planned Parenthood), and Nikhol Atkins (The American Federation of Teachers), for leading this process. We also thank Baldomero “Mero” Gonzalez (America Votes), Katie Kelly (For Our Future), Danielle Atkinson (Mothering Justice), Aamina Ahmed (Michigan United board member), Shannon Garrett (SMG Strategies), and Branden Snyder (Detroit Action) for their commitment to the collective vision for strong and effective c3 infrastructure in Michigan.

Some members of the transition committee will now become a permanent Executive Committee of Michigan Voices, who will work with Tameka to search for the co-executive director of the Table, and support their leadership to ensure grassroots and grass-seeds collectives in Michigan have the tools they need to fight for political power and a healthy and representative democracy.


From Detroit to Flint, there’s a lot of work to do in Michigan to end state violence and anti-Blackness. With Tameka Ramsey, the Executive Committee, and the incredible partners of the table, we know we can get freedom and political power.

Join me in welcoming Tameka Ramsey as the new permanent Co-Executive Director of Michigan Voices.

Thank you, Tameka, for giving light and helping us find the way.

—Alexis Anderson-Reed, Chief Executive Officer of State Voices