Our civic engagement work ensures that people are empowered to participate in our democracy.


We advocate for a reflective, responsive, and accountable democracy that reflects the needs of the people. Our tables work to encourage electoral engagement through coordinated voter registration and get out the vote programs. They also encourage advocacy by organizing partners around key issues, like immigrant justice, racial justice, gender justice, and other progressive issues.

Unfortunately, due to discrimination, disenfranchisement, and disillusionment due to unfair election practices such as gerrymandering and big money in elections, many people in the U.S. do not vote. Oppressive administrations have tried to strip Black people, Indigenous people, and other people of color of the power to engage civically in their communities. We aim to reverse this destructive and oppressive behavior, build a more just democracy, and build mulitracial political power. This requires deep involvement in our communities on the issues that matter. At State Voices, we recognize that civic engagement and racial and gender equity must be a priority all year and every year, not just during election season.

#LiberateMKE, a campaign from the African American Roundtable at Wisconsin Voices, fights for divestment from the Milwaukee Police Department and investment in participatory budget created by the community. They engage civically in their community by advocating for budget demands that provide resources to the community in the Milwaukee Common Council.

Our tables develop annual plans to engage underrepresented communities and people experiencing oppression. The (c)(3) organizations, advocates, activists, and grassroots organizers that sit at state tables in the State Voices network are uniquely positioned to encourage genuine civic engagement and shift power away from white supremacy and towards a truly reflective, responsive, and accountable democracy. We invest in organizations and grassroots organizers, providing them with capacity building, data and technology, and direct program support for democracy and racial and gender justice issues.

We also coordinate national civic engagement plans, putting our national partners in contact with the state-based organizations on the ground to share resources and best practices. Currently, we are working to expand the capacity of our tables and partners to use SMS and other communications technologies to further engage constituents. In the 2016 electoral season (the most recent year with a federal election), our tables and partners collected almost 1.5 million voter registration applications and made over 6.5 million voter contacts:

Voter registration and voter contact numbers from the State Voices network in 2016.

State Voices seeks to build a transformative democracy through deep partnership between national and state tables that models the multiracial, multiethnic and multicultural transformation we seek. Our affiliated structure positively transforms the everyday lives of people, centers those who experience oppression, and is anchored in our commitment to building healthy collaborations. We seek to partner with supporters to distribute resources, tools and add capacity to affiliates to ensure the work is sustainable, scalable and impactful.

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